Heaven and Hell aren’t places you go after you die. They are places you go into every single day. They are states of mind, both sides of the same coin: everyday experience.

It’s when you feel like shit, crawling in states of depression, apathy, powerlessness. It’s when you’re in guilt, in hate, anger, jealousy, destoying yourself and everyone around you. That’s Hell.

When you build others up. When you love. When you give without expecting in return. When you’re courageous. When you’re accepting, when you practice equanimity. When you’re peaceful, blissful. When everything flows. That’s Heaven.

Heaven is Love and Peace. Hell is suffering. It’s that simple. We don’t need to go far away in death to understand this. It’s right here and now, right inside of us. It’s a play of the Light and Darkness.

But the gross misunderstanding is that these are places we actually go when we die, which is simply created by modern religions. These religions base themselves on belief, and their whole precinct is to make you believe.

When in fact, Heaven and Hell aren’t about belief, but about direct experience.